General questions

Oolalaa is a marketplace which has been created for individuals looking to get themselves pretty for any occasion in the simplest and most efficient way. It is finally possible to search, compare and book beauty specialists near you with a click of a button. With so many talented artists around the world, we want to make sure that every person has the possibility to find the right beauty specialist for their occasion - whether it's for weddings, birthdays or even for a special dinner. Whatever the occasion, you can start your search right now.
Oolalaa is a marketplace for booking some of the most experienced and talented beauty specialists in the UK. We connect customers with artists that they might not have had access to previously. Customers can search beauty specialists, compare prices, request to book, and easily pay through our platform. Our artists are also very passionate about helping customers and providing the best service possible.
If you are a beauty specialist, it’s very simple in that we are a platform for you to share your fantastic work with the audience specifically looking for your skills - increase your bookings and revenue, and take your business beyond the reach of what was previously possible. We take the time and financial burden out of having to keep up with social media marketing, requests that are not vetted and become a hassle, and easily manage your bookings and payments.
You can discover and browse artists without creating an account. To message an artist, request a booking, or list your services you will be prompted to create a user account.

All user accounts require an email verification. You must also add further verification and payment information when listing your services.
We currently do not charge any subscription fees to list your services on Oolalaa.
We are currently focused on the UK market. However, we are in the process of making this marketplace available globally!

Listing your services

Adding your services to Oolalaa is easy and only takes a few minutes. Once you’ve created an Oolalaa account, you can head over to your dashboard and simply click the “+ Create a listing” button. Please note that all listings are subject to review by our team to ensure the safety of our community. Once you submit your listing for review, we will approve it within 24 hours. If you need to expedite this process or need help with your listing, please email us at

We currently do not charge any fees to list your services.
We currently charge a 7.5% transaction fee for all bookings completed on Oolalaa. This fee is automatically deducted from your booking total once you accept the request.
We put pricing in the hands of artists. You can price your services at your discretion and please take local rates, taxes, Oolalaa fees, and other fees into consideration when listing your rate.
Your listing description should be an accurate representation of the services you provide and what the customers can expect. Our community loves discovering new artists and the more detailed you can be, the more booking requests you will receive. You can also mention and detail additional services you offer. If you have particular rules, expectations, booking terms, cancellation policy, etc please also include these in your listing.
All accounts that have a listing must add payout information in order to receive booking requests. Oolalaa uses Stripe Connect to power payments. Adding your payout information is easy and can be done in these steps:

1. When logged into your Oolalaa account, click on the top right account avatar and then “Dashboard” on the dropdown.
2. Under "My Account", click on “My banking information” which will take you to the “Payment settings”.
3. Enter your contact information (required by Stripe for verification) and bank account information.

If at any time you need help with this, please email us at
You can easily accept a booking request by doing the following:

1. When logged into your Oolalaa account, click on “Dashboard” in the top right navigation.
2. Under "My Sales", click on "View all my sales".
3. Click on the booking request marked as "new" and you will see the option to accept or deny the booking request. Please note that you can also message the customers directly on the request to clarify any details or let them know about availability.
You are not required to accept a request and may decline any request. If you take no action to accept or deny a request, the booking request will automatically expire in 24 hours. If you missed the request by accident, you can message the customer directly from their expired request and suggest that they make another request.
You have 24 hours to either accept or deny a booking request. After 24 hours, the booking request will automatically expire. If you missed the request by accident, you can message the customer directly from their expired request and suggest that they make another request.
You can add additional services to your listings when filling out the listing creation form. Simply define what your additional services are and add the prices.
We've made it easy and have a standard Cancellation Policy on Oolalaa. We also let artists message with customers and bookings directly to communicate availability, changes in dates, booking modifications, cancellations, and rescheduling in accordance with our Cancellation Policy. In the event that this can not be agreed upon directly with the other party, you can email us at directly.
The amount that you made from the booking will appear in the bank account that you entered your payout information within a few business days following the booking date. This time period is typically 7-10 business days for the first transfer and is then quicker for following transfers. This process is handled by Stripe. Rest assured that once you accept a booking request, the person that booked your services has been charged for the booking and paid for it. If you have any questions about this at any time, please email us at


Booking a beauty specialist is easy on Oolalaa and you can do so by creating a user account, if you have not done so already. Once you do, you can then select a date on an individual artist's listing and click “Book Now”. On the next page, you will be able to enter a message to the artist regarding any specific details, requirements, or needs regarding the booking request. You can enter your payment information and send the booking request to the beauty specialist.

You will only be charged if the artist accepts your booking request within 24 hours. If they do not accept or deny your booking request within 24 hours, it will automatically expire and you will not be charged.
If you are having trouble with a booking request, you can easily message the listing owner directly from the listing. Please note that it is against our Community Guidelines to send personal contact information or transact off our platform.
A booking request is not binding, it is simply letting an artist know you intend to book. Howevert, a request is a binding Booking Agreement once accepted by the listing owner or artist. If you sent a request by mistake, need to modify it, or cancel, we encourage you to immediately notify the artist using our messaging tool. Each artist's listing enforces their own cancellation policy identified on their listing, so please keep this in mind prior to submitting a booking request. If you require assistance with a booking request, you can send us a message at any time at

You can send multiple requests, but we strongly recommend that you wait to hear back from an artist once you send a request. If the request is urgent, you can also send them a message regarding the booking request directly from their listing.
Artists are typically very responsive and reply back as soon as they receive a booking request. If you do not hear back from the artist regarding your request, you can also send them a message regarding the booking request directly from their listing.
Once a booking request has been sent it can not be modified. You can however message the artist directly, request for them to cancel, and resubmit another booking request.
Yes, we ask that you never take communication outside of our platform messaging and never give your contact information prior to entering a Booking Agreement.